Important Points for Essay Writing

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Important Points for Essay Writing

22 May 2019 Best Essay Essay is a Literary Genre Essay Writing Service Important Points for Essay Writing Writing the Best Essay 0


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The author of an essay analyzes, evaluates or interprets a specific subject. Essay is a literary genre, such as poetry, fiction or drama. In addition, an essay is usually written by a precise structure. Here, we explain what is the structure of an essay.

Essay writing rules:

1)  The essays should all include a clear introduction, development and conclusion. This is the essential structure that we will have to follow in order to write or identify an essay.

2) The introduction of an essay is one of the most important parts, because the author explains the theme he will address, his thesis and his main lines of argumentation. It represents 10% of the total essay and can present the problems posed by the subject in question, the reflections of the author, the readings of other authors, etc.

3) In development, the author of an essay exposes and analyzes the theme he has chosen. He poses his ideas and argument based on other sources such as magazines, interviews, books and even online sources. This is the longest part, it occupies 80% of the test. In addition, it is necessary to synthesize and summarize all the content, because although this is the most important part, it should not be boring.

4) It is in development that the author develops his thesis, supported, as we said earlier, on his own opinions and the data extracted from other sources in the period of documentation.

5) The essay ends with the conclusion, the part in which the idea or the most important ideas of the text are summarized. These are the ones that the author wants to highlight. He will thus clearly show his position by quickly listing the main arguments presented in the development.

The golden rules: do not scatter and take your time. These are the keys to writing the best essay. This type of writing can deal with everything, it is a form of personal argument. It can be controversial, scientific, historical, philosophical, political, etc. Take time to reflect on your subject, and how you are going to develop it, take care of the presentation respecting the consecrated structure and always try to keep an overall view of your work. The most dangerous is to get away from its basic problem, repeat it regularly so you do not lose yourself. Consider your plan to see if it is consistent, if your sentences are not too long or difficult to understand. All these little things are important, so always take your time when writing a test, because it must be: fluid, consistent and harmonious. If you still have some issues about writing your essay, we provide you essay writing service.

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