What Determines the Essay Price?

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What Determines the Essay Price?

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As the ‘The Best Essay’ team, we searched for the ways for our foreign customers to make their payments. We found the ‘TransferWise’ for you: a system through which you don’t need to pay for transfer fees. We are going to introduce the Transferwise step by step and you are going to learn everything you need to know to get your essay writing started! First of all, you need to fill the request form and write ‘(from) abroad’ in the ‘Bank’ part and get the pricing from our experts. Let’s consider that the price is 100 Euros. To pay, go to https://transferwise.com/. As you can see from the picture below, you write ‘100’ in the ‘You send’ section. And, in the ‘Recipient’ part, you should write ‘TRY’ (Türk Lirası /Turkish Lira) which is our currency. Then click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

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When having an essay written, what determines the price? Does the same price tariff apply for each essay? Or are there factors that change this situation? In this article, we will share this information with you.

There are a number of factors that determine the price of the essay. You can see them in the following articles:

1. First of all, one of the factors affecting the price of writing is the type of essay. Your article will be written in which type? What will be the kind of service?

▪ Writing an essay

▪ Writing a homework

▪ Case study

▪ Literature review

▪ Research paper

▪ Academic article…

One of the most important factors affecting the price is which of these are.

2. The subject and level of your work is very important. The more the subject of your study is difficult and insufficient in terms of resources, the price of services increases in proportion to it. Of course, its level also affects it. Is it going to be at the undergraduate level or the Master degree? Or a PhD?

3. The price of the study changes according to the number of words. The more words there are, the price increases in proportionally.

4. Another important factor is the delivery date of the study. Must your work be delivered within a week or within a day? Or in a different time? The longer the time interval, the more increase the price range.

5. Of course, it is not possible not to mention the working language. In which language do you want your article? There are many different languages that we work on. They can be in English, French, Turkish, German, Arabic, Italian, Spanish and other world languages based on the request. According to the requested language, the price of the service varies.

6. In addition, your department is another factor that affects the price. The price varies depending on the difficulty and complexity of your department.

7. Finally, would you demand the preparation of a presentation for your work? Also preparing the presentation is an additional service and therefore affect the price naturally.

As mentioned above, these are the factors affecting the service price. Although the service fee varies according to the above criteria, the quality never changes. You can be comfortable in this respect. You can trust us about your homework. We’re here for you. Your work is our job.

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