For Effective and Successful Presentations

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For Effective and Successful Presentations

21 July 2020 preparing a presentation Preparing the Presentation Presentation presentation consultancy Things to do after the presentation Things to do before the presentation Things to do during the presentation What is the purpose of using the visual material? WHY IS BESTESSAYHOMEWORK TEAM FOR YOUR PRESENTATIONS? 0
For Effective and Successful Presentations


Best Essay is an expert team who is specialized on different types of homework such as making presentations. When you would like to contact with us, you can reach us via both WhatsApp Support Line and also e-mail. Our WhatsApp Support Lines are +90 542 371 29 52 and +90 538 373 7460. On the other hand, you can write an e-mail to the address: We are going to give you the most reasonable price for your homework.

Renews, strengthens, reminds and highlights important information; explaining a study result; presenting laboratory research, expressing survey results; Speeches to express important events and facts are called as presentations.

Purpose in the presentation; Refreshing information, researching and evaluating survey results, contributing to science. In the presentations, the audience of the audience consists of people who are interested in the subject and care is taken to benefit from the technical possibilities at hand.

  1. Things to do before the presentation
  • The presenter should pay attention to some points before the presentation.
  • First of all, a topic should be selected. This topic should be up to date.
  • It is useful to benefit from many and different sources in the preparation of the presentation.
  • The location of the presentation must be seen before.
  • Rehearsal will be helpful in controlling the materials to be used in reaching the purpose of the presenter.


  1. Things to do during the presentation
  • Serious, dignified, clean and tidy appearance is important during the presentation.
  • The presenter should pay attention to his tone, gestures and facial expressions, and to use the stage or podium comfortably at the time of speech.
  • It is more effective for the speaker to communicate with the audience, especially the gaze, and the body language.
  • Speaker voice and words must pay attention to correct pronunciation.
  • In the presentation, we can use technological tools such as computer, cd, floppy, projection device, slide machines, microphone.
  • We should not forget that visual material will add interest and taste to your speech as much as humour.


  1. What is the purpose of using the visual material?
  • In order for the listeners to perceive the information provided,
  • Ideas, concepts, etc. to save time in telling,
  • To avoid misunderstandings,
  • To consolidate ideas,
  • To add taste and humour.
  • It is successful when the speaker uses the well-prepared visual material in a beautiful and harmonious manner. Otherwise, visual aids may distract the audience. You should not use it because other speakers use visual material, but if your speech requires visual material.
  • Numbers are difficult to understand when they are said. They are easier to understand when they are displayed visually.
  • Throughout the speaking; 55% of images, 38% of sounds and even 7% of words are effective. The importance of the slide becomes better here. Therefore, during the presentation, slides should contain concise, clear and effective expressions that indicate important aspects of the subject. Listeners read the slide texts carefully. Speaking with slides should be given simultaneously.
  • In the presentation, some documents, graphics and figures prepared before can be used when necessary.
  • If someone else is going to use the materials, it is inevitable that the speaker and the person using the materials are incompatible.
  • Unnecessary details should not be entered in the presentation.


  1. Things to do after the presentation
  • The presenter must allow the audience to ask questions after the presentation.
  • The speaker should give satisfying, clear and clear answers to the questions asked without going into the discussion.



Whether you are a student or not is not a problem for the team of Best Essay. We are going to focus on the key factors which can be very important for you in both student and also job life. We are here as a team for making effective and successful presentations.


  1. We have got a professional team for your specialized topics. At first, we are going to focus on the topic which you give us. If you do not give any topics for your presentation, we find a perfect topic which is related to your department.
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  7. In terms of presentations, we focus on every parts which are from the text type to the slide structure, from the colours to the background, from graphics to even grammar rules.

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