Preparing Scientific Research Report

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Preparing Scientific Research Report

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Preparing Scientific Research Report



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Preparing a work plan for a qualified article will enable you to easily follow the path you will follow while writing your article. Progressing in a controlled manner in your work will also facilitate the flow of your work. You should focus on lots of aspects when you start to write your essay At the very beginning of it, brainstorming and drawing a concept map has got a very significant place. There are important sides of writing a research paper. Important points about this subject are mentioned below.


  • An important and up-to-date subject that will appeal to the reader should be selected.
  • An original subject should be preferred and should be supported with sufficient literature content. It is possible to determine which deficiency in the relevant area by correct literature review. If an original subject was not preferred, this should be clearly stated and different aspects of the study should be emphasized.
  • A single subject should be focused.
  • When necessary, the reader’s attention should be drawn with examples from daily life.
  • It should be ensured that the subject does not exceed its purpose by avoiding fancy expressions.


  • Each section should start on a different page.
  • The Introduction and Discussion should not be written longer than necessary, and the Material-Method and Conclusion should not be kept shorter than necessary.
  • If there are word restrictions, this should be followed.


  • Original thoughts should be explained using objective language.
  • Short and concise statements should be preferred.
  • Findings should be given using as few adjectives as possible.
  • Subjective adjectives should be avoided. For example, while presenting the findings, expressions that contradict neutrality such as unique, outstanding or surprising should not be preferred.
  • Uncertain expressions should be avoided. For example, clearer expressions such as decrease or increase should be preferred instead of a vague verb such as influence.
  • The use of abbreviations should be used in terms of at least 5 times in the article. Standard abbreviations should be preferred instead of producing abbreviations from the beginning.
  • Spelling rules should be observed.


  • A clear research question to fill the gap in the field should be determined.
  • The research question should not be too narrow or too broad.
  • What is defended and what is found in the study should be analyzed correctly.


  • Starting from a broad perspective, the subject should be narrowed and the research question should be focused.
  • All resources within the framework of the research question should be screened.
  • Instead of listing all the previous studies, the strengths and weaknesses of these studies should be emphasized.
  • It should be carried out in a certain systematic order.
  • Unworked areas should be identified.
  • The unworked field should be associated with the research question.
  • The literature should be handled with a critical perspective.



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