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Proofreading Consulting – Proofreading Preparation – Proofreading – Proofreading Fees – Academic Article Editing

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Proofreading Consulting - Proofreading Preparation - Proofreading - Proofreading Fees - Academic Article Editing


“Best Essay Team is a team specialized on proofreading is here to help you in proofreading and in all other issues. If you wish, we can help you deal with your assignments and we can be your coach in this regard. You can easily contact with Best Essay Team. Send us your requests on our WhatsApp Support Line or mail address, and you can have an idea about the price.”


In today’s world, it is a fact that only university education is not enough in order to find a job or to have proficiency. Improving yourself in many areas and every new experience you add to your academic sense is like a key, and this key helps you open the right doors when you find them. As a matter of fact, it is one of the frequently asked questions whether you have articles published in any journal to work in a good position in prestigious companies and to have salaries that will make you happy today. In addition, you can be asked to write an article or a thesis when you follow a master’s degree and doctorate after graduation. It is indisputably beneficial for you to publish these articles that you have been working on for days and even months and prepared meticulously. Moreover, it is a great advantage to move forward in your career and to increase your recognition in your field. Even if you say “I completed my academic life and now I take an active role in business life.”, you may need to prepare simply a brochure for your company or to write an article about your field in this period, or because you have foreign language proficiency, you may be expected to write or translate an article in another language.

If you want to do all this flawlessly, improve yourself, increase your self-confidence and open the doors of your dreams with the key in your hand, proofreading is the lifeblood of your articles. You can read the rest of the article for detailed information about Proofreading!

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is referred to as article content editing. Proofreading is done when the article is finished, and it is the last control that covers stages such as grammar correction, punctuation check, and spelling check. Proofreading is an indispensable factor for creating a good document. It is necessary to have a good knowledge for proofreading. It is also a process that requires care and patience.

Today, proofreading phase must be completed before submitting publications to journals. Although this requirement is more common in foreign journals, it is also a validity requirement for the publications written in the mother tongue. The content and originality of the articles are as important as their formal features and quality of writing in the scientific world. Today, as many articles are rejected due to their formal features and writing quality, proofreading is an important issue that all authors should handle with caution. As a matter of fact, the rejection of an article that has been studied for days or even months, due to its weak formality, may cause all labor to be rubbish for a moment. Of course, it is very important what the content of an article is, and whether it belongs entirely to the author. However, it should not be forgotten that If what is intended to be explained in an article is not understood, punctuation is used incorrectly, there are shifts of meaning or grammar errors, it is not possible for that article to be accepted and successfully convey what it wants to tell to target audience.

What are the Proofreading Stages?

We have mentioned above that a content must complete the proofreading phase before it is sent to the publication or presented to the target audience. Proofreading consists of several stages in order for the article to be successful and achieve the desired end goal. Regardless of the language, you can review and finalize your article by following the steps below:

· First, read your article as a whole and make sure you are at the final stage of content and do not want to add / remove anything. After completing these, it is recommended to proceed to the proofreading stage.

· For proofreading, it is recommended to work with the printout of your article instead of working on the computer. However, you can also take advantage of the computer when you need to search directly in the article.

· Pay attention to only the chapter / sentence you are reading by covering the bottom of the lines you read with a blank page.

· Do not provide all controls at the same time. For example, after reading once to check your punctuation errors, examine next reading according to spelling mistakes or expression disorders. In this way, your mistakes will be minimized.

· Check the page numbers, make sure the page number starts at the right place since there is no missing.

· Check the titles on the pages. The most common mistake in practice is that various titles remain at the end of the page. Make sure your titles are not at the bottom of the page.

· When checking the page number and page titles, get help from the spelling guide. For example, be sure to write the subtitles as specified in the guide.

· Check the page structure of the contents.

· Read the article thoroughly and make sure you prepare it consistently and in a way that the target audience can understand.

· Check that you have chosen words in foreign articles in a way that the target audience will understand. For instance, although a word corresponds to the meaning you are looking for, sometimes it does not fit in the text and disrupts the integrity of the meaning.

· Take a note of the places you plan to reorganize and proceed. At this stage, sometimes your writing may not be understandable when you read it later, or you may want to explain what you want to tell in different ways.

· If your article contains visual content, make sure that it is compatible with your article and confirm once again that you have chosen the correct image.

· Make sure to check the grammar in your article.

· Review your article for punctuation rules. Sometimes an incorrect punctuation can cause misinterpretation of what you want to express. For this, it is recommended that you first know which punctuation marks are used and where.

· Check your article for spelling mistakes. Sometimes, different characters may be mixed between your words. For the spelling of unfamiliar words, do research and add it to your article correctly.

· Review your article for expression disorders. Be sure to use the words in the right place in the sentence.

· After making sure that your article is clear and understandable and completing all these steps completely, the proofreading phase will be completed.

Benefits of Proofreading

Completing the proofreading phase benefits your writing in many ways. These benefits are as follows:

· You have a perfect writing in terms of stylistic features. This positively affects your writing.

· When you review your article in terms of spelling mistakes, it becomes more comprehensible and easily understood by referees and editors.

· For a journal you want to be accepted, referees evaluate the article written in a high quality more positively.

· You have an article that the target audience can understand.

· Since it is reviewed at the stage of proofreading after completing the writing process, your article becomes a better quality in form and content.

· Because incorrect statements will be detected by the team reviewing your article, you will have the opportunity to take precautions in advance and increase the acceptability of your article.

· Grammatical errors are eliminated.

Remember, no matter how good the content of an article is, it cannot be said of complete success without being good in terms of formal features!

Can I Complete the Proofreading Stage Myself?

Let’s talk about the situation that you have completed your writing in your academic life, business life or for any reason, but you should complete the stage of proofreading and you do not know what to do about it. Our advice to you is to deliver this job safely to the hands of experts. Why?

First of all, your own writing could be always perfect in your eyes. Even if this is not the case, it is very difficult to determine whether there is an expression disorder or a different meaning in a sentence. As a result, you know what you want to express in that sentence, but remember that there is an audience that doesn’t know what you want to say. For this reason, it will be always an advantage for you to look at your article from an expert perspective.

Secondly, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge to complete the proofreading stage on your own. Can you deal with the grammar and spelling rules or expression disorder with the information we have seen in high school? Do you follow the current spelling of words, or can you really use punctuation correctly? For many, the answer to this question is “No”. If you do not have time to learn and repeat them, we recommend you to ask professional teams.

The language of your article maybe different from your mother tongue. Furthermore, you may have worked until this age to learn this language and prepare articles that can contribute to your field. However, do you think you know all the rules of the language you will use when writing your article? Or is a word that you think you are using right is perceived in the same way for target audience? Is your sentence order correct? If you want all this to be done perfectly, you really need to know the language you will use in the article with all its rules. If you are not confident about this, you should definitely get help from a professional team. You can experience a great disappointment, if your article that has taken months to prepare is rejected for this reason.

Expert Proofreading Teams

You have come to the last stage in your article that you have been dealing with for hours and even days. Now, the proofreading phase is all you need to do to before publish it in the journal or to give it to relevant places and contribute to the scientific world by reaching the target audience. The originality and consistency of an article is the most important factor in its success. However, you should not forget that it will not be enough alone. To be successful, you should make sure that you publish a formally appropriate article. You can manage this process alone or you can get help from experts. In fact, if you do not trust yourself in this matter and do not have enough knowledge of the rules of the language you will use in your article and you do not have time to learn, we recommend you to consult expert teams. Of course, no writer would like to stay away from her or his purpose for solely formal reasons.

Our is the best team that provides service for proofreading. We are only a phone call away for proofreading consultancy as well as many other services such as articles, thesis, homework, and presentation consultancy.

Our team consists of a team of experts in their field. There are many experts in this team who know the Turkish language and rules as a native language. In addition, there are consultants who are experts in their fields, know the spelling rules and are experienced in proofreading in foreign languages. Thanks to the consultancy service you get from our team, your article will be examined by a specialist team, missing points will be determined and you will be notified,

word errors will be corrected, parts that are difficult to understand will be said to you, punctuation and spelling will be used correctly, meaning errors will be also corrected and you will have perfect suggestions and corrections at the end. Additionally, you can be in direct contact with our consultants throughout this process and check the status of your article in the proofreading phase. You can also review for the last time and have a flawless article thanks to your article delivered before the date you request. Upon your request, our team can send you a document stating that a correction has been made. Take action before it is late!


Books are products that are written, printed, covered, which help us to have information or to spend time. They are sometimes entertaining, sometimes instructive, and sometimes relaxing. Books have a place in every person’s life for any reason. Indeed, the place of books in our lives is not the same for everyone. Although books have a huge place in some people’s lives, they may not have such a place for others. However, there is almost no people in life who have not read any book.

Let’s think about the situation that you went to the bookstore to buy a book, or you just walk around the bookstore. Which books do you get, what is your first attention when looking at the books? What do you pay attention to most when buying a book? How do you buy a book?

It is a well-known fact that readers can buy the book with a few seconds of influence by looking at the adverts, ad or book covers while visiting the bookstore. Therefore, book covers are actually one of the most important factors that inform the reader about the content of the book and encourage readers to buy the book. The design of the book covers and the impression it gives to the reader is the first impression about the book.

Although many authors put the book into a final form and put a successful product, they have problems at the book cover point. Because designing a book cover is very different from writing a book. In other words, designing a book cover requires special skills. Indeed, perhaps the most important factor in this skill is creativity. Although a book is capable of staying on bookshelves for life, it may not always have the same quality book cover design. As an another example, imagine a writer who published her or his first book, you did not hear the book, you did not know anything about the author, you did not see any advertisement or you did not hear any advice about this book. What will attract you for this book? At this point, the design of the book covers becomes crucially important. Book covers certainly play a major role in the reader’s first impression for a book. Because a cover design gives the reader preliminary information about the book. Moreover, book cover is also very important to be attractive in terms of marketing.

According to research on this subject, we unintentionally draw “Z” with our eyes while examining a book cover. In other words, we scan from the top left corner of the page to the top right corner. For this reason, the texts on the book covers are positioned accordingly. The main image is usually positioned in the middle of the page.

It is possible to say that the book cover also plays an important role to be kept in mind by readers. For example, when Elif Safak’s “Aşk” novel is mentioned, everyone will think of a fuchsia coloured cover, or think about the books of the “Psikonet” series. The books of the “Psikonet” series have a distinctive feature with their large fonts and remarkable writings. Have you noticed the new book titled “Kız Çocuğu” by Onur Unlu? If you have recently visited a bookstore, it definitely caught your attention. The name of the author is written in orange on the cover in purple colour, and it has a remarkable feature at first glance, it is not possible to take it into your hand and browse the content of the book.

Previous studies have also revealed how high the impact of book covers on the reader is with numerical data. According to a survey conducted with 600 people in a 2010 study, it was found that the book cover affects 79% of decision-making when buying a book. This rate is not to be underestimated. Moreover, in the same research, it is underlined that it is possible to have new readers. Of course, a book cannot be bought only because of its cover, but it can be more attractive for someone who has no reading habit. As a matter of fact, in our world where everything is more visualized, it is almost impossible to defend otherwise.

Book Covers

Book covers are graphic design products that transfer the contents of the books to the reader through visual design. It is no doubt that the cover of a book is as important as its content. The book cover should be compatible with the content. However, it should not reflect the content directly and completely. Instead, it should give clues to the reader and create a desire to buy the book. The book cover not only protects the book but also reflects the identity of the book.

Required Features for Book Cover

· Cover design should reflect the main topic of the book,

· Cover design should make readers curious about the subject of the book,

· While the front book cover causes curiosity about the book, there should be a summary on the back cover,

· Attention should be paid to colour matching in the book cover design, so that the book could be kept in mind for a long time,

· A wide variety of font characters should not be used on the book cover. Besides, it should be paid attention to be compatible with the content.

Basic Elements in Book Cover Design

· The Size of the Book: Before starting the book cover design, the dimensions of the book must be known. The size of the book is important in the organization of typographic and visual data in the field of design. Technical details such as cover weight; weight of inner pages should also be taken into consideration in this part. The

first impression about the type and content of the book is through the cover and a kind of preliminary information is given to the reader. All the matters that require technical and creativity are transferred to the cover in line with the design principles and elements.

· Typographic Elements in Cover Design: In book cover design, there are generally various writings on the book. For instance, writings such as the name of the author and the book, publisher or logo, and the number of prints could attract your attention in all books. It is also possible to include explanations such as subtitles or slogans that provide summary information about the content of the book.

· Visual Elements in Book Cover Design: Visual elements are not mandatory for book cover design. As a matter of fact, there are also book cover designs prepared with typographic elements.

Considerations for Book Cover Design:

· The cover should be related to the content and layout, the picture and text should be fit for purpose.

· The back writing should be written from bottom to up.

· The name of the book, publisher and the author must be written on the cover and back of the book. In the inner cover, except for the cover information, the cover should have the names of the page designer and the illustrator.

· In order not to create a confusing effect, a wide variety of fonts should not be used on the cover, it should be legible, visual elements should not obstruct the reading flow and a balance should be established between writing and visuality.

· The front and back of the cover should be compatible with each other and be a whole.

· Visual elements should be placed on the cover sufficiently, spaces should be used effectively, a balance should be established between text and visuality, and a simple, aesthetic and interesting and original form of understanding should be reflected in the arrangement of visual elements, writings and other elements used in the cover design.

Visual Elements Forming the Book Cover

The book cover consists of three parts. These are: front cover, back and back cover. These sections include:

· The title of the book

· Author’s name

· Publisher name

· Publishing house logo

· Text to be used on the back cover (short biography of the author, summary of the book, opinions of other critics or authors about the book, text reflecting the book, etc.)

· Barcode

· Visual elements (photo, illustration, colour, etc.)

Techniques Used for Visual Elements in Book Cover Design

Although visual elements are sometimes not used in book cover design, it is seen that visual elements are used in book covers that we often see. Below are the techniques you can use for visual elements:

Illustration Technique: It is known that illustrations have effective expressive power. By definition, illustration is a visualizing, describing, interpreting verbal elements such as title or text, and conveying message. Illustration is a visual communication element, and it is one of the commonly used tools of graphic design.

· Collage Technique: Combining paper and fabric pieces or photographs by cutting is called collage technique.

· Mixed Technique: The use of different techniques on book covers is a mixed technique. For example, the use of illustrations with photomontage and three-dimensional arrangements together etc.

· Photography Technique: One of the most frequently used techniques in book cover design is photography technique. photographs are used with the arrangements in electronic environment in this technique.

· Computer Aided Design Technique: Another one of the most commonly used techniques today is computer aided design technique. Many book covers are created with this technique. Book covers are prepared in various design programs and reproduced with appropriate printing techniques. Computer aided programs that can help you to make a book cover are “canva”, “corel draw”, “book cover pro”, and “cover creator”. But first of all, you should learn to use these programs and create ideas for a unique cover in your mind. Also, remember that when you visit these websites, you may have to pay fee in some cases. J

· Three-Dimensional Design Technique: In this method, attractive arrangements are created in book cover design by using embossed writing, image as well as various materials.

What We Do for You?

The cover is the first special moment when the book meets the reader. The book cover is just as important for a book as the first impression we get when we see someone we have never met in our lives before. While looking on the shelves, many readers tend to look at the book that attracts attention or has a different design than other books. As a result of the various researches, how effective the cover of a book is on the purchasing behaviour is demonstrated. Although a perfect literary work emerges as a result of months and even years of effort, most authors have difficulty in book cover design. As a matter of fact, it is not for the authors to design a book cover. Book cover design has become a completely different industry and it has been a business run by graphic designers. Moreover, it is quite difficult for the author of the book to have the skills of graphic designers. Graphic designers are both creative and know technical rules for book cover. The graphic designer who will design a book cover must also have a cultural background, follow the contemporary art, have enough literature to analyze text and be a good reader. As book cover is like a preliminary information of the book and is presented as a summary on the cover that is intended to describe the book, but it should be accepted that it has fine nuances. On the other hand, though a book cover informs the reader about the book, it should not undermine the readers imagination. In addition, it is extremely important for the reader to have questions about the book, to have curiosity and to have interests for the book. Moreover, the book cover does not only end with the design, but also the cover is expected to carry certain qualities. When a reader handles a book which she/he wants to buy, a thin cover of the book may cause negative impacts for the reader.

It is one of the greatest happiness for an author to keep a book on the shelf for years, to be remembered when the name of the book is told to the reader, and the revival of the cover of the book. For this, the book cover design should be done by experts. Attention should be paid to colour harmonies; catchy and harmonious colours should be combined in the cover. Furthermore, the writings on the book cover should not tire the reader’s eyes, they should draw attention and their font and spelling rules should be correct.

We strongly recommend you to work with an expert graphic designer to have a cover that is memorable, attracts the reader at the first glance, prepared according to the rules and reflects the content of the book. No writer wants to be dissatisfied with the cover of her or his book, which was written with thousands of labor. As a result of the development of technology today, many programs and websites have been developed in order to assist in book cover design. It is also possible to design books through these programs and websites. However, to use this program or websites, you must first have knowledge. Also, keep in mind that sometimes you have to pay to have the desired cover. Although these programs help for cover design, it will always be better to get help from a specialist in the field.

One of the important factors in terms of design is whether the product is designed by the graphic designer. This factor is a feature that can promote the product better and provides it an aesthetic structure. Graphic Art, like many products, provides its duty with the aim of promoting, announcing and providing a functional and aesthetic appearance. In these design stages, the graphic designer takes advantage of the common tools and principles of plastic arts and technology.

Our team provides services in many fields such as book cover, articles, thesis, homework, presentations with expert staff. If you want to have a breath-taking book cover design, you can contact with our team. Graphic designers in our team will create the best cover design for you with their experiences as well as their knowledge. The graphic designers in our team are your friends that are highly capable of design, imaginative, use book cover design websites and programs professionally, trained in this field, follow current art, master literature, and they are always just a phone call away from you. If you desire to attract the attention of your reader in a short time, and to have an easily remembered iconic book cover, take action soon! Our team will design the best book cover for you and will advance this process by communicating with you. You can safely entrust the design of your book cover to our team, and after the design is over, you can feel the right pride of success and see the effect of your excellent book cover on book sales!

“Best Essay Team is a team specialized on proofreading is here to help you in proofreading and in all other issues. If you wish, we can help you deal with your assignments and we can be your coach in this regard. You can easily contact with Best Essay Team. Send us your requests on our WhatsApp Support Line or mail address, and you can have an idea about the price.”


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